Finding your way in the world of loans is not always easy. The types of financing offered by the Italian market are different , you need to understand what is right for you.

Now we will explain what the main types are and we will see some of their fundamental characteristics, this will help you clarify your ideas well and understand which one is right for you.

Based on what to choose the types of financing?

Based on what to choose the types of financing?

Choosing the one that’s right for you can save you a lot of time and prevent your request from being rejected. You should consider several factors: the amount you would like to request, the purpose of the financing, the type of income you receive.


If you need a sum of money directly to your bank account, you could consider personal loan: a form of financing that the lender gives directly to the customer. This provides for a repayment plan through monthly installments , which are approved by the applicant by signing the contract .

For this type of financing, the amount disbursed can be used for everything you need, without having to specify the destination to who grants the loan .

The loan amounts generally range from 5,000 to 15,000 dollars, up to a maximum of 30,000 dollars , for an average duration of 3-4 years (if you need a higher amount, in that case we no longer speak of a loan personal, but liquidity loan ) .


Then there is the finalized loan . As the name suggests, unlike the personal loan , which as we said being “personal” is paid into the customer’s current account, who can use it where and when he wants, the finalized loan is instead tied to the purchase of an asset (which it can be a small appliance, a smartphone or a more important expense such as a car) and is delivered directly to the store where the purchase is made.

The main difficulty that you might face in obtaining a loan is related to guarantees and your credit history : if you have in fact a history of outstanding payments or delays in payments of previous loans, and you are therefore considered by the banks to be a ” bad payer ” , this type of loan will almost certainly be closed to you.


The assignment of the fifth of salary or pension is a very popular product in Italy.

This is a particular form of financing reserved for employees with permanent contracts (both in the public and private sector) and for pensioners. Unlike traditional loans, it provides for the repayment of the amount requested through a monthly deduction on the salary (or on the pension, in fact, this type of financing also exists for pensioners), which cannot exceed 20% , therefore a fifth of its total .

If you need more money there is still the possibility of delegation , which will allow you to commit another fifth of the salary , reaching a maximum of 40%.

You will not have to think about repaying the loan , but you will then receive a salary that is already net of the deduction .


If the amounts you need are very high, you will need to apply for a mortgage. The mortgages available on the Italian market are many, and there are many customized products for every need.  


It is certainly one of the most common types. Specifically aimed at those who are not yet owners, for the purchase of the first home . It can be fixed rate, floating rate, cap rate, mixed rate.

Generally the most requested is a fixed rate, which is established at the signing of the contract ; in this way the amount of the installment that you will pay for the entire duration of the loan is constant (which does not happen with the variable rate) .


The liquidity loan is a particular form of financing that allows you to obtain a large sum on loan (generally from 30,000 dollars upwards), but not linked to the purchase of a property : in fact, it is not necessary to specify the destination. Many use this type of loan to face unexpected expenses or finance a new project .

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

The criteria can vary a lot, especially based on the types of financing and the credit institution , which can decide on its own specific criteria. However, there are universal requirements that generally apply to everyone, both large and small. loans . Both the personal and economic data of the applicant are considered. Normally the parameters that enter the formulation of the analysis are: age, job position and reliability .


The applicant must be aged between 18 and 75 (sometimes this limit may vary), must have a current account and be resident in Italy. The finance company first checks the regularity of the personal documents : identity card, driving license or passport valid for Italian citizens, residence permit for non-EU foreign citizens.


He then proceeds to verify the person’s financial situation and his repayment ability , the fundamental thing is that the customer has a demonstrable income.

As a rule, applicants who can claim an indefinite position are considered more reliable. But there is also a lot of funding for the self-employed and pensioners .

In any case, it is necessary to prove one’s income through a paycheck (in the case of employees), for pensioners the pension slip or the CUD, while for freelancers the latest Unico model.

The banking and credit history is also checked: did you skip the payment of some installments of a previous loan or did you pay them late? This could be a problem, as you will be considered a bad payer and therefore at risk of insolvency (at least as long as your report remains visible in the databases).

How to find the best financing?

How to find the best financing?

Regardless of the types of financing, to find the best and most suitable for you it is essential to compare the various proposals of banks and financial companies.

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