Who has not dreamed of flying a real-life helicopter or experiencing what it feels like to be a pilot for a day? No doubt it must be every boy’s ass and adrenaline junkie’s big dream.

And you can actually make the dream come true even if you don’t have the money to fund it here and now. It is not the cheapest experience, but in return you get a memory of luggage that you will never forget and which cannot be settled in cash.

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Helicopter Flight vs. Flight simulator

Helicopter Flight vs. Flight simulator


Do you love adrenaline, wild experiences and extreme sports? And would you like to challenge yourself with an airborne activity? Then go on a helicopter flight or flight simulator and test your skills as a pilot.

You can borrow money online if you can’t afford to pay for the unique experience every now and then. We look at how you can make the dream of the wildest adrenaline kick come true.

Although the two experiences have something in common such as giving a proper adrenaline kick and going on air, either in real life or simulated, there are also some big differences. And what experience is best for you?

  • In a helicopter flight , you get up in the air with a pilot and get the wildest whisper in your stomach as the powerful helicopter floats through the air. You get a truly unique view and a wonderful memory of life.
  • With a flight simulator you can test your skills as a pilot in a virtual universe, but the experience nevertheless feels very real. Test your flying skills in a passenger plane or perhaps a fighter plane and get the real-life simulation.

You can play pilot for a day

You can play pilot for a day

Even if you do not control the helicopter yourself by helicopter flight, you are at the forefront where it all happens. And you get to see all the cool technical details, get your stomach down as the helicopter eases, and not least see an absolutely beautiful view. By the flight simulator, on the other hand, you get the feeling of managing the plane yourself, and it is a very special experience. You will be amazed at how real it feels and you can test if you could manage as a pilot.

So both experiences give you the opportunity to play a pilot for a day and maybe test the boy’s dream you’ve always been around. And whether the flight is in real life or in the simulator, you will feel like you are floating through the clouds and undoubtedly have a wild memory you will never ever forget.