Every year, thousands of Danes go on holiday, but it is not a cheap pleasure. A good summer holiday or ski holiday can quickly cost between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars.

It is not money everyone has in the account and Good Finance is therefore looking at where you can borrow money for the holiday, so you can get away anyway.

Loans for your summer holidays or ski holidays

Loans for your summer holidays or ski holidays

If you are missing out on money for your summer vacation or ski vacation, a loan can give you what you need. There may be many reasons why you need a loan, but we all know how important it is to get off so you can completely disengage from everyday work pressure and stress. See good online loans for holidays here :

Unfortunately, the bank will rarely be so understanding, but on the net you have good opportunities to borrow up to 20,000 dollars. They make few demands on you as a customer. If you are over 18, out of RKI and with a fixed income, chances are good.

Here neither your purpose nor your personal finances are questioned. The web has become a really fast and comfortable way to borrow money. Obviously, interest rates aren’t the lowest in the market, but you just have to be aware of that.

You can easily apply via Good Finance via the overview or via the button below. We give you an overview of the possibilities and help you get started.

Popular holiday destinations

Popular holiday destinations

If you lack inspiration for where to go, we come here with the top 3 of holiday destinations, depending on whether it is on ski or summer holidays:

Top 3 summer resorts

  1. Maldives (relaxation and warmth)
  2. Thailand (a bit of it all)
  3. United States (for shopping and sightseeing)

Top 3 ski resorts

  1. Trysil in Norway (for families with children)
  2. Val d’isse in France (for trained)
  3. St. Anton in Austria (for young people)

Video with good advice

In this video you can get tips on how and how easily you can take out holiday loans online. No matter where you apply, you can be approved the same day and have the money the next. But always remember to get more offers and compare the OPP. There is no need to pay more than necessary.